This photography project focuses on the preservation and representation of Trans + Gender Non-Conforming individuals or for short, TGNC. It consists of a portrait series featuring TGNC folks in the way they want to be archived and portrayed, along with direct words from participants.

Preservation means Legacy. 

Representation means visibility,
a fullness to control our own narrative.

        This project is a way to archive our own voices and faces as Trans and Gender Non Conforming people- how we want to be seen and how we want to show up.


         We are not just a news headline, a fashion trend, or entertainment. As much as these can be positive, they still fall prey to the cis heterosexual colonial patriarchy. They fall prey to no longer serving our community. The history of our likeness has been taken out of our community, especially for Black and Brown TGNC folks, for exploitative purposes. 


         "Taking Back Our Narrative," aims to create what we want history to say about us- gaining back the power to shape it ourselves in a proactive way. 


          This project is personal to me because I am Non-binary. Growing up I never felt connected to the LGBTQIA representations, and upon doing research into who I am, found it difficult to find primary depictions and archives of other TGNC folks (especially ones who aren’t celebrities.) Photos and words from their own personal narratives barely exist (not to mention the lack of accurate and positive information.) As far as I can tell there was no one from the actual TGNC community archiving and documenting our community, and if there were it's hard to find. This project is a chance for us to take up space as our truest selves with each other. I am here as a vessel to create and document the history of every day TGNC folks like you and me.  


        This project will be ongoing; with the participants favorite images, and words to be published in book volumes. All book proceeds will go directly back into the project, and back into the TGNC community as mutual aid. In addition to the book, the project is inadvertently creating a new tribe of connected TGNC individuals! Because community IS EVERYTHING.


        Our time is now. 

        We are the present generation; we carry the torches of our ancestors, and we are paving the way for the next generation of the TGNC community. 


Let’s tell OUR history with OUR words,

and OUR faces.


Jules Rose

project creator


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See and Read Words from Participants.