Preservation means Legacy.


Representation means visibility, a fullness to control our own narrative.

The Details

After the Session

The Book and Documentary Series

Each portrait session will about 1-2 hours on 1 roll of film at a location that has meaning and value to you (as of now must be located within NYC boroughs.) 

Bring up to 3 outfits that you want to be remembered in, any props or items, & the stories you want to be remembered by. 


As we know, 1 hour isn’t enough for someone’s story and insight, therefore a series of interview questions and story telling will be gathered post portrait session. You have the option to respond via hand written or video doc.

Once the photos are ready, you’ll receive an online gallery with unlimited file downloads for life. Please pay it forward by sharing the images and project! You can also print, and use these photos in any capacity you’d like (social media, linked in, dating profiles, websites, personal use and promotion, etc.) 

The final goal for this project is to create a series of book volumes and documentary series. The books and videos will contain participants favorite images from their sessions, and interviews/stories they want attached. Each participant will receive their own copy of the book/videos and any proceeds from book sales will directly go back into the project, and into TGNC folks pockets as mutual aid.