To Future TGNC Generations: “I'd like to invite them in to discover themselves fully- to listen to themselves and be in tune with their bodies. So often society puts barriers, obstacles, unnecessary hatred leading to stigma and discrimination. Do not indulge into self-hatred because of that, be proud of who you are stand up for who you are and show them what we can do. For we are the art makers, we are the bringing together of masculine and feminine, we are the teachers the dancers, we are the doctors, we are the surgeons, and we are so so much more. Embrace who you are and live free fearless and don’t look back. Life is too short actually!” -Samantha Horton

  "Pride above all else means community. I always felt like I had a story to tell but could never quite figure out where my story fit. Figuring out I was trans has been life changing for me. It affirms what I already knew about myself and expands the possibilities of who I can become. The community I’ve found with fellow trans people is something I never could have imagined. Jules and I had an instant connection and closeness because of our gender identities. I feel seen and safe with other trans and gender non-conforming people and that’s something that can’t be replicated anywhere else. For those looking for gender affirming photographs I very highly recommend working with Jules. Their subtle direction and unique artistic eye led to." -AJ DiBetta


"It's okay if your understanding of yourself evolves or changes over the course of your life. The more I come into my transness, the more the lines between labels blur depending on how I'm feeling in my body day by day. When I came out at 20, I felt this massive pressure to be ~absolutely certain~ about what my identity was (or wasn't) before doing anything about it, like I had to already have all of the answers to even get started.

I don't think anyone ever has all of the answers, though.

Like everything else, gender & sexuality are so nuanced & I think they can evolve as we grow & come to understand ourselves more. I mean, we're all just doing our best with the language we're provided with at the time. At the moment I've resigned myself to not knowing what word fits best & instead am just honoring my feelings moment by moment & seeing where they take me. It's been really liberating to allow myself the space to re-explore parts of myself that I repressed when I was younger, as well as the room to discover parts of myself I didn't know existed. "-Hunter Green

“As transness becomes more of a marketed consumer identity, I implore all gender non conforming people to refuse it. Push back. Don’t let them decide the 3 types of trans we can be. The safety it claims to offer us is illusory; it will be temporary, and reserved for rich white trans people. Capitalism will only have your back insofar as you are able to produce. Your trans siblings will have your back every single time. Take the leap, trust the net your community has created.” -Esther Fallick